Our Services

Our Services


We make the most of employees and organizations

minic is a company specializing in driving organizations to deliver the most from their most valuable asset - people!


minic and it's partners have strong background in behaviroual assessement, coaching and organization development thru leadership training and gamification. minic also works with educational institutions.


we utilize Predictive Index, Leadership Pipeline and are international certfied coaches.

Require - Hire - Inspire


Cultivating employee engagement in our organizations can feel impossible without the right tools, and that’s where many leaders throw up their hands. But engagement is within reach—if you have collected the right information about your employees and know how to use it properly


Behavioral understanding shouldn’t stop when your employees join your team. As they learn about themselves and each other, they can work productively and cooperatively. We make it easy to access custom-tailored reports to help managers, teams, and individuals work better together.




minic is specialized in supporting organizations building an internal pipeline of qualified leaders and in creating empowered, performance- and execution-focused organizations. We support you in succeeding in the ways that are most important to you




Our simulations about build around theories and practical examples which creates a realistic learning environment. We conduct sessions in Change Management and coroporate development - building and engaging the invidual while meeting corporate performance metrics.


The video on the left is a fast forward of our corporation game.

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Address: 60 Paya Lebar Square, Singapore

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